Orbiters provide us global views of Mars as they circle above. Ask about Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and MAVEN in particular.

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why doesn't the mars science labratory have solar panels?
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How does the HiRISE camera compare to the Mars Orbiter Camera from Mars Global Surveyor?
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How might a mission that could return samples to Earth be structured?
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Can the robots explorers works together in mars?
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What will happen with Mars reconnaissance orbiter once it has done its job?
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Did the Phoenix lander find water on Mars?
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The airbags on the Mars Pathfinder seemed like a really good idea to prevent damage to the vehicle. Why weren't they used more often? (And why not use a similar design to move around with less or no friction: a rover in a ball, until it finds a perfect spot to work from, or even an inflatable balloon to relocate the rover if the wind is good or help out if the rover gets stuck? Crazy ideas.. but still..
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You can send your name to mars in the mission curiosity?
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How long did it take the Mars Orbiter to reach Mars?
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Is there anything preventing an orbiter from littering Mars after its useful life span? Or will it burn up in the atmosphere?
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